Needing to talk? Therapy is a great option for mental health managment when medication doesn't seem to be a choice for you.  Seaside Wellness providers are here to help you and would be happy to refer to any one of the amazing therapist and counselors in our local area.

In-Office Lab Collection

We are happy to help those who are uninsured or inder insured by partnering with various labs and drawing blood in office. All labs are collected by our nurse or nurse practiitoner.

NEW! IV Hydration

We are excited to now offer IV hydration​. Whether you are feeling dehydrated, sick, or looking for a boost. We have various IV cocktails that we are happy to discuss with you. 

Student Internships

 We love having students! Our clinic offers such a wide range of educational backgrounds that we have a lot to offer. If interested, please email us with information pertaining to your internship.

You are not alone

If you are in need of emergent services, please call 988. If you are in need of additional resources, visit the links below.

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